How it works

OK, so what exactly is and how can they help me save money & discover new brands.

If a store is offering certain products for a discount or they are on sale, we will find those products and put them into the product category section of the site. You can then search for products to see whether they are on sale, find the details about the sale (price, valid dates etc.) and then find the nearest store to you where you can get that product on sale.
Some stores choose to offer money off coupons. This means that you can print out the coupon (if it is an offline store) and take it to the store to be redeemed for your discount. If it is an online store then you will simply need to copy that coupon code and enter it when you make payment on that store’s website.
If a store or shopping centre is having a promotion, we’ll include it on our site so you know where to go to find them. We also send out our very popular email newsletter chocked full of specials, coupons, sales, promotions and new product & brand ideas for you to try.

Is it free for you

Yes. We get paid to promote shops, centres and brands on our site. However just because a shop doesn’t want to pay us, don’t think you won’t find them. Our goal is to help you, so if we think it will add value to YOU, then we will include them on our site. If you come across something you think we should be listing/including on our site, please feel free to let us know.

There is no coupon or special for where I want to shop

We are constantly adding new coupons, vouchers and specials as we find and are sent them. If you can not find a discount for the shop you would like, then sign up for our free newsletter to be informed as soon as we have one. You can also email us and see what we have for you. In addition, if you come across a voucher and/or discount that we don’t have, send it over so that we can share it with everyone.