Extreme Couponing South Africa

We get many people visiting our site looking for information on extreme couponing in South Africa. This of course is the result of a new popular show on DSTV called extreme couponing. At the moment coupons are still a relatively new phenomenon in South Africa with very few retailers offering them, and even those that do offer them, like Pick n Pay, not offering them very often or not offering very good ones. The one thing you would have noticed from the USA show is that many of the people combine coupons with in-store specials in order to maximise their savings. This is the other issue we have in South Africa, is that every coupon or discount we have come across always has the condition that, “this coupon/discount can not be used in conjunction with any other in-store promotion/discount/special”, which basically means that if you have a coupon for R0.50 off, you can only use it for the maximum of R0.50 off, and nothing more.
Hopefully with the popularity of the show, and the popularity of the group buying sites that have launched in 2011; couponing in  SA will be used more by retailers and we can look forward soon to our own Extreme Couponing South Africa
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