Coupons South Africa

Coupons have been around for ages, almost since the dawn of the first store. You can still find many coupons and coupon codes in a variety of newspapers and magazines. Shops use the coupons to incentivise customers to visit their store and to make a purchase. It has actually been shown through research that customers that made a purchase as a result of a coupon, typically spent more than the average customer. In addition to this, shops can use coupon codes to reward customers for their loyalty. Coupons in South Africa can vary, but the typical set-up will be either a percentage of money off (either the total amount or a particular product), or Free delivery. The free delivery is a popular coupon offer option in South Africa, as delivery is typically quite expensive, especially if you order from the online stores. Restaurants are also keen to offer coupons and these are typically money off, children eat for free, or buy 1 get 1 free coupon codes. They can also include free upgrades, or a free drink.
As coupons and coupon codes become more popular in South Africa, so too will more and more stores begin to offer them.
You can find coupons and specials by searching either the Store page or the Products page and you can find shopping centre specials and factory shop specials.