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Woolworths is one of South Africaís leading retail and online stores with 149 corporate stores, 51 international franchise stores 69 South African franchise stores nationwide. Woolworths began life in what had been the dining room of the old Royal Hotel in Cape Town on a sunny October morning in 1931. Since its inception 74 years ago, the Woolworths brand has become synonymous with innovation, quality and value for money. Woolworths sell a selected range of apparel, food products and home ware. The food department strives to bring their clients a wider variety of high end and best quality products, from fresh salads to delicious prepared meals, desserts, special treats and wine, with a focus on free range and environmentally sound products as part of its ìgood food journeyî and they provide information on every package of the companyís food enabling consumers to make informed choices about what they eat Woolworths clothing is known for its exceptional quality and durability and caters to women, men, baby and children. They provide an exceptional wide range of beauty products from bath and body to skin care for both men and women, as well as make up for women. Woolworths home ware offers shoppers stylish contemporary ranges enabling customers to select a look that suits their wants and needs at affordable prices. Woolworths provide financial services to their customers and are a registered financial services provider. They offer store cards, credit cards and personal loans which clients can apply for at Woolworths branches. The Woolworths online shopping experience is enhanced by the user friendly website and clear options for the customer to shop online. Their website provides all the company information, and contact details for all stores as well as their corporate head offices, and have an open door policy with regards to customers providing feedback. Their online shop, financial services department and head office are contactable via the website, and information pertaining to their financial services can be obtained from the site as well. Woolworths pride themselves on their community development and support and are committed to using surplus products to help ease the burden of poverty in South Africa. Each year, Woolworths gives away approximately R12 million in surplus clothes and R155 million in surplus food to under privileged South Africans. Most surplus food and some surplus clothing are distributed by Woolworths stores to local charities of their choice encouraging a local support system throughout the country.

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