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Musica has been the leading music retail brand in South Africa for over a decade, with over 140 stores nationwide and launched their Megastores in 2006 through the conversion of the CD warehouse stores. The Musica Megastores offer customers over 30 000 CD and DVD titles in their large format stores. Synonymous with music, they are one of the premier retailers of CDs, and their growth into the market for DVDs, games and Blu Ray disks, has expanded their product range. Their online webpage browsing allows their customers to browse through the latest releases, and upcoming releases, to find the product they want. The Musica website Technology section provides an up to date catalogue of the new technology available at Musica stores nationwide, where customers can shop for speakers and docking stations, media players and cellular accessories. Their website is user friendly and easily accessible and becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. Their range incorporates a wide choice of products, and listed under their accessories page on their website customers can browse through branded merchandise, posters, digital accessories and books. One of the unique features of Musica’s webpage, is the opportunity to make your own play list from the music available online through the website. The expertise of their staff, and focus on service standards provide their loyal customers with the service they are used to and the advice of staff as passionate about music and movies as the customers. The Musica Megastores also offer music lovers such features as in store appearances and signings by artists, entertainment-related merchandise including gaming and lifestyle accessories. The music industry has been slammed over the years for being slow at adapting to the digital area, with music labels fighting to protect their hold on the market. Musica is one of the primary retailers fighting back, and have signed a deal for an online download store and have plans to expand and advance their digital music service. However, with low broadband penetration in South Africa affecting the spread of digital downloads and piracy, Musica has the freedom to concentrate on expanding their offerings in Music as well as DVD’s and gaming and maintain their status as the largest music and entertainment retailer.

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