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CityMob is a South African daily deal website based in Cape Town. One of the largest group buying sites in South Africa, they make use of collective buying power to deliver huge savings to the individual. CityMob ( is focused of finding unique and top quality venues, businesses, goods and offers to promote local South African businesses. The process of taking advantage of CityMob’s deals is simple. Customers can view the daily special on the website, or subscribe to CityMob and have the daily deal forwarded to their inbox each day. To purchase the deal, customers need to create and account on the site and login. They then select the “Buy” button on the deal page and move forward through to the purchase page where they complete the order. Customers have the option to purchase more than one voucher at a time. Funds are deducted from a “Wallet” registered to the customer, with the balance of payment charged to the EFT or Credit Card provided. CityMob offers one deal per day only. The deal is only “On” if a minimum number of people agree to “Buy” within 24 hours. If insufficient customers purchase the deal, it doesn’t go ahead and the customer is not charged. You’ll know the deal is “on” when the deal page says “The Deal is on!” All CityMob coupons do expire, but all include a deal period long enough to allow customers to take advantage of the deal. Redemption instructions are included on the coupon which needs to be presented to the business when redeeming the deal. CityMob guarantees the safety of personal and payment information and make use of SSL Technology to securely process credit card details. CityMob is an online community allowing people, through the use of our website, facebook groups, mobile apps and various other social media platforms, to discuss, recommend and browse the best things to do, see and experience in their city which provides exceptional exposure for the business offering the deal. As there is a required minimum buy, the business receives 24 hours of no-risk marketing should nobody purchase the deal. Once the deal is closed, if the minimum has been met, CityMob then forwards payment through to the relevant business. All coupons have a unique code that will be confirmed by the business and can only be redeemed once unless indicated otherwise in the deal. One of the largest group buying sites in South Africa, CityMob provides unique daily specials for their subscribers and members to take advantage of and receive large discounts on top quality products and services.

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