The Checkers catalogue typically comes out once per week, from a Monday to a Sunday. The catalogue will contain the Specials from Checkers that they wish to promote that particular week, as long as any clearance items they want to try and sell to make room for new stock. Checkers also often has specials in various magazines, as well as offers coupons to be used on specific products in magazines, such as the You magazine. Checkers has been around since 1991 (when it was bought by Shoprite Holdings), and now has around 111 stores. Checkers used to have a brand perception of being cheap and almost sub-par, however they have worked hard to change this and are now truly competing against the other big food retailers.

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  • nestle_nespray
    Save R3 on Nestle Nespray Milk Powder 500g
  • omo
    Save R2 on Omo Foam Action Bleach 750ml
  • Ola Gino Ginelli Ice cream 1.5l
    Save R3 on Ola Gino Ginelli Ice cream 1.5l
  • lifebuoy
    Save R1 on Lifebuoy Handwash 200ml
  • Axe Deodorant for Man 150ml
    Save R1 on Axe Deodorant for Men 150ml
  • Robertsons Paste 120g
    Save R3 on Robertsons Paste 120g
  • rama_1kg
    Save R5 on Rama Spread 1kg
  • medium_1824
    Save R5 Tresemme Shampoo 500ml