All Life HIV Insurance All life is a financial services provider in South Africa offering life and and disability insurance for HIV Positive or Diabetic individuals. Underwritten by Centriq Life Insurance Company Limited, their distinctive life insurance products are aimed at individuals living with HIV or Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Established in 2004, the company provides unique and affordable life cover for thousands of people living with HIV in conjunction with an adherence management program to significantly improve the health experience of the individuals insured. All Life is the first company in the world to offer complete life cover to HIV positive individuals and provide cover in the event of death, whether due to accident or health related issues. Their varied products can be accessed via the Customer Service Centre on 0861 255 5433, from their website, or through AllLife approved financial service providers. Advantage Term Life is their most affordable life insurance product providing cover for a limited period of time while the Advantage Whole Life provides cover on either a level premium or an escalating premium for an unlimited period of time. Their Advantage Loan Protector Life cover is designed to match to outstanding balance on an amortising loan that is paid off on monthly installments and is available for either a 10 or 20 year period with level premiums throughout the term. All Life’s loan protector products are designed specifically to cover the outstanding balance on a loan and the amount insured reduces at the expected rate of repayment of the loan. Individuals can contact All Life for a no obligation quotation where a qualified client consultant will assist in understanding the product options available. A copy of the most recent HbA1C blood test results or CD4+ test results and a valid copy of a South African ID document or proof of permanent residence will be required by All Life on application for cover. Individuals can browse through the website for more information on the type of cover offered by All Life, as well as browse through Frequently Asked Questions for more information. Alternatively consultants can provide answers to any questions regarding cover from All Life’s call centre or approved financial service providers. Authorised financial services provider. Underwritten by Centriq Life Insurance Company Limited.

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