Afrihost is a South African based company that offers web hosting throughout the country. Web hosting is the service that gives your website a place to live on the Internet. A website needs to be housed on a computer somewhere that is always connected to the Internet so there is always access to your web page. The computer on which the website will live is called a Web Server and is owned by your web hosting company. The principal of Web hosting is essentially a subscription service, where the website owner pays a monthly amount to maintain the web server (or the computer your web page lives on) and to pay for the space and the connection to the internet. provides a secure and reliable service, ensuring your webpage has everything necessary to keep it up and running. There are a number of things that play a part in this, for instance uptime. This is the amount of time your webpage is online, and is managed by Afrihost to ensure that if the website goes down for any reason, Afrihost takes care of the problem for you. Systems Administrators are necessary to ensure that the computer the site is running on is running smoothly at all times, Afrihost provide these systems administrators to do this for you. The most important factor when using a web hosting company is security. Afrihost has experience in ensuring that your website is secure from hackers. Afrihost have many web servers which in turn host hundreds of individual websites and domain names. When you sign up to Afrihost, your website and domain name will be assigned to one of the web servers. Afrihost offer a “Request a Callback” service to their clients as part of their customer service. If you have a problem and need advise, you can click the “call me” button, fill in your phone number and they will call you back, at no cost to you. They offer a number of packages with different pricing to allow customers to customise their service from Afrihost to suit their needs. Afrihost provide an online support page, where customers can search through frequently asked questions to find a solution or answer to any problems or queries they have. Afrihost also provide ADSL as one of their services and customers can choose between capped and uncapped ADSL to suit their needs. As one of the premier web hosting companies in South Africa, Afrihost offer the most up to date and comprehensive service to individuals and corporations. related terms: coupons, afrihost promotional codes

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