Using Coupons in SA

Coupons have long been an unfamiliar mystery to most South African consumers, tightly squeezed into the newspaper between loud adverts or laid out in glossy magazines offering various specials that most know and care little about. I’ll admit that coupons like this have their fans, carefully snipping around their precious coupons and conserving them in their handbags and surreptitiously whipping them out with pride at the counter when the opportunity finally arises.

Do people really use them? Do these coupons really work? Who offers them? In the current economy, no one can turn down a bargain, and perhaps that’s why coupons are making a comeback, but not in their original form! Nowadays coupons are available online, and have become incredibly popular in South Africa, with stores, brands and consumers alike. No more of those ugly newspaper clippings to keep in your wallet, no more snipping, no more gleaning the newspaper for current bargains. The problem with most of the old coupons was that they usually could only be used with other purchases and just ended up getting you to buy more from a certain shop, not as a way to help save you money. Various companies have set up websites where you can quickly and easily search for bargains on offer and purchase coupons online.  This not only saves you time and effort, but stores and brands save on all the print advertising costs of the old coupons; with a few simple clicks the entire process has been simplified. These websites are empowering consumers as they can now buy products and services as a group, which brings the price down as the producers are selling stock in bulk. This, coupled with the vast advertising these websites offer makes it an ideal solution for producers. South African websites like this have been an overnight success and have produced some of the fastest growing online subscriptions ever. They truly marry consumers with producers in a way that benefits each, which is why they have been so successful.

As this has been such a successful enterprise, you can find bargains on almost anything you can think of. From various travel packages to specials on massage treatments, the list is virtually endless. You can also subscribe to most websites so that you get an update regarding the types of specials you are interested in. So you don’t need to spend your life searching online either!