Reward Cards in South Africa

Reward cards can either be a huge waste of time or they can help you make a big saving. The trick to making reward cards work for you is choosing wisely and following through. If you sign up for every reward card available but forget to put them to use, you can’t expect any saving; but if you take your time to consider cards that suit your lifestyle, you can sign up for the right reward cards and ensure you receive loyalty benefits.

E-bucks is a rewards program for FNB customers that offers benefits for spending through FNB. As you spend, you earn E-bucks, which you can spend at selected (online) shops. Signing up for E-bucks is quick and painless and if you already have a bank account with FNB, signing up for E-bucks is a logical choice. Although the e-bucks take a little time to build up, once they do they make a nice little reward for hardly any effort on your part.

Pick N Pay have a loyalty card, Smart shopper, with which you build up points for spending money at their stores. All you need to do for this card is sign up and swipe the card when purchasing items in store. You can earn extra points by buying certain products and once your points build up you can trade them in for cash on purchases. This card is useful if you shop at Pick N Pay often – just remember to keep your card on you whenever you shop!

The Woolworths shopper’s card is a loyalty program that entitles customers to specials and discounts throughout the year. This type of card is ideal if you want instant rewards and don’t want the hassle of monitoring your points like other rewards programs. You instantly quality for the special and can save right away.

Discovery has a rewards card for their customers that they can use to earn cash back rewards and Discovery miles. If you already have an account at Discovery, you should definitely become a Vitality member as this qualifies you for cash back rewards at their partner stores – just for shopping! In order to qualify for the Discovery miles rewards program, you need to pay a yearly fee, but the rewards are worth the extra charge!

Once you have signed up for the rewards programs of your choice, make sure that you keep the cards with you at all times, so you can use them as much as possible. Take your time to read through all of the terms and conditions as well as when and what benefits you are entitled to so you can claim at your convenience.