iPhone 4S South Africa

The world was waiting for the iPhone 5, and instead we were given the iPhone 4S. There has been mixed reactions to this, with quite a few people being disappointed in it. The main issue people are upset about is that the iPhone 4S has the exact same shape as the iPhone 4. They were hoping for something radical, or at the least something more closely related to the tear-drop shape of the iPad 2. However if you can look past this (and the body is still very good looking and modern), you’ll notice that Apple spent all their time working on and improving the “guts” of the phone. It is faster (7x faster), has a much better camera (8MP), improved HD video and the awesome SIRI. SIRI is not just a simple voice command, but rather an integrated voice controlled personal assistant. Want to search for something online, Siri can do it for you. Want to know if you should wear a warm coat tomorrow, just ask Siri and she’ll tell you the weather for your area. She’ll set reminders for you, send text messages, update your calendar and answer your crazy questions, like how far is the moon from the earth.
At the moment you can only get the iPhone 4S from grey importers such as Simplicity.co.za, but when it reaches our shores (sometime towards the end of the year) expect to find it at Vodacom, MTN, and iStores etc. Pricing should be around R11799 for the 32GB version.